YAIC 2014

Workshop: FAB LAB




This year YAIC will focus equally on talks and workshops/events. And we are finally ready to start announcing our workshops! They are especially created by each creative center for you!


Fab Lab (Fabrication Laboratory) is a digital small-scale workshop, where number of different tools and equipment are available making it a possible to create almost anything. The Fab Lab gives anyone the opportunity to experiment and implement their creative ideas into reality by designing, developing and producing components with the help of digital technology.

The workshop will begin with Fab Talk, where individuals who have worked with Fab Lab present their projects and discuss product development using Fab Lab. Afterwards, participants will have the opportunity to try the technology Fab Lab has to offer.

Hosted by Nýsköpunarmiðstöð Íslands / Innovation Center Iceland @ Fab Lab Eddufelli on November 4th, 2014





We’ve decided what’s for lunch – kleina from Kleinubarinn! Perhaps with brie cheese and rasberry jam?


tres locos



Kleinubarinn is a pop-up bar serving kleinur, traditional Icelandic twisted dough, with a new twist. Kleinubarinn is a concept where tradition and innovation meet, emphasizing on freshly baked products with a little bit of fun! Kleinubarinn’s first debut was on the international Restaurant Day and has since then taken on many different forms, adapting to its scenery.

For YAIC 2014 Ágústa Arnardóttir, Guðrún Harðardóttir and Krista Hall will serve specially conceived savoury kleinur!



The next two announced speakers are…

Edward Nawotka


is the founder and editor-in-chief of Publishing Perspectives, the leading magazine for the international publishing industry that has been hailed as “the BBC of the book world,” and offers daily news and opinion from the global media business, covering start-ups to self-publishing, in locations ranging from Afghanistan to Argentina, New York to New Delhi.

A former bookseller, advertising copywriter and foreign correspondent, Ed has covered the book business since 2000, first as an editor for Publishers Weekly and then as a columnist for Bloomberg News. He continues to contribute regularly on arts and culture issues to a wide variety of trade and consumer publications, from the The New York Times to Texas Monthly. He serves on the International Advisory Board of the Frankfurt Book Fair and the Advisory Council of the University of Texas Libraries, where he was instrumental in establishing the University of Texas Human Rights Documentation Initiative. As a guest lecturer, he has delivered talks and seminars on publishing in more than two dozen countries, from Brazil to the Ukraine, and currently serves on the faculty of the Yale University Publishing Course. He lives in Houston.

For YAIC 2014 Edward will talk about “Promiscuous Creators and Cultural Darwinism”. This talk will look at the idea of in an era of profligate storytelling and promiscuous creation, whether good culture pushes out bad or whether it’s the contrary — Cultural Darwinism, if you will — and how creative synergies between different practices and platforms can be help culture evolve in unexpected and exciting ways.




is the Head of Content at Plain Vanilla, an entrepreneur and filmmaker. Plain Vanilla is an Icelandic Game Studio based in Reykjavik Iceland and in San Francisco started in 2010.

Plain Vanilla is mostly known for developing the international hit app QuizUp, the world’s first Real-Time Social Trivia Platform for mobile devices. With well over 400 topics and more than 1.5 million users, QuizUp’s success can be largely accredited to it’s synergy of brilliant content management and innovative programming.




We are overjoyed that the wunderkind of synergy, Zebra Katz, will be speaking at YAIC 2014!!!

Screen shot 2014-10-13 at 8.31.32 PM


He has been on the scene for a minute and has already been provoking reactions from music critics, rap fans and fashionistas left, right and centre. Originally emerging from a multimedia and performance art background, Zebra Katz mixes together music, fashion, and visual imagery in a unique and energetic way. Producing his own music, numerous music videos and collaborating with countless acclaimed musicians and artists, Zebra Katz captures the zeitgeist and isn’t about to let it slip through his fingers anytime soon.







Christine Boland


Christine Boland will speak at YAIC this year! She is one of the worlds leading trend forecaster/analyst. Renowned for her international trend predictions on design, fashion, and consumerism. Boland is an “alchemist” who distils the essence from ideas and thoughts. Considered by many to be an inspiring speaker or, more appropriately an inspirator, basing her trend analyses from mass psychology, fashion and world news. She gives lectures and presentations around the world and is an advisor for multinational companies and organisations.

Christine Boland is an in-demand speaker worldwide. Known for getting her listeners thinking thanks to her surprising perspectives. Curiosity and identifying and indicating connections are the personal triggers for her trend/fashion analysis. Christine uses clear, inspiring and very concrete examples to filter the world news and relate it to everyday matters. In doing so, she creates a bridge between the present and the future.

In addition to her role as a trend analyst and consultant, Christine has also been publishing articles in trade journals for 25 years and is a much sought-after jury member. She’s a co-author of TrendRede, which is published by 11 trend watchers each year. In 2012, Christine Boland won the TWOTY Award in the Fashion & Design category. The TWOTY Award is considered the most important jury-awarded prize for trend watchers. Christine has also been nominated three times for a TWOTY.

Read more about Christine here: www.trendsmindsets.com

Creative Synergy


We are extremely exited and happy to announce that this year’s theme is:


              Creative Synergy


We’re focusing on innovative or unexpected cross-disciplinary interactions, the unexpected and new that oftentimes does not fit into the box. Our speakers and workshops will deal with these issues on an international and local level.

A board of all the creative centers in Iceland have been working on bringing together esteemed and very inspirational speakers from all over the world.

First speakers will be announced next week!

List of speakers…


… coming to you    v e r y     s o o n !

Yes we have some incredibly inspiring speakers coming our way for YAIC 2014.

Stay tuned – we’re announcing some of our guests in the next few days.

Our 2014 video is here!


Thank you Sitrus for a job well done!



YAIC is now a one day event and we have lowered the ticket price to 7.900 ISK!

Tickets are on sale now, click the blue button on the right and secure yourself a ticket!!


- The opening ceremoney, meet and greet will be held at Bíó Paradís in the evening of November 3rd.

- Next morning on the 4th, the official program will begin with inspirational talks until the early afternoon.

- In the late afternoon the Creative Centers will host their own workshops individually.

- Then we’ll all gather again in the evening for drinks and more fun!


We’re back!


We are super happy to announce that YAIC 2014 is coming back to Bíó Paradís on November 3-4! Just before Iceland Airwaves as usually.

The program is coming together and it seems You Are In For A Treat!

YAIC is a one-day, international conference exploring innovative thinking across the creative industries. Held annually in Reykjavik, Iceland, we welcome a network of international and local guests, experts and creative thinkers from every field to interact, inspire and be inspired.

Now in its seventh year, YAIC is a collaboration between experts from every area of Iceland’s creative industries – including design, visual arts, literature, music, media, films and gaming. Through talks, workshops and events, YAIC provides a cross-disciplinary platform for ideas, innovation and collaboration.