YAIC 2014

Our 2014 video is here!


Thank you Sitrus for a job well done!



YAIC is now a one day event and we have lowered the ticket price to 7.900 ISK!

Tickets are on sale now, click the blue button on the right and secure yourself a ticket!!


- The opening ceremoney, meet and greet will be held at Bíó Paradís in the evening of November 3rd.

- Next morning on the 4th, the official program will begin with inspirational talks until the early afternoon.

- In the late afternoon the Creative Centers will host their own workshops individually.

- Then we’ll all gather again in the evening for drinks and more fun!


We’re back!


We are super happy to announce that YAIC 2014 is coming back to Bíó Paradís on November 3-4! Just before Iceland Airwaves as usually.

The program is coming together and it seems You Are In For A Treat!

YAIC is a one-day, international conference exploring innovative thinking across the creative industries. Held annually in Reykjavik, Iceland, we welcome a network of international and local guests, experts and creative thinkers from every field to interact, inspire and be inspired.

Now in its seventh year, YAIC is a collaboration between experts from every area of Iceland’s creative industries – including design, visual arts, literature, music, media, films and gaming. Through talks, workshops and events, YAIC provides a cross-disciplinary platform for ideas, innovation and collaboration.