YAIC 2012 Afternoon Workshops

After the main investor workshop came three separate, smaller workshops looking at music publishing, collaboration in art and design, and a business workshop called “after the pitch”.

The After The Pitch workshop featured Áslaug Magnusdóttir, Founder / CEO, Moda Operandi (US), Helga Valfells, Managing Director, NSA Ventures (IS), Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson, Board Member, Icelandic Gaming Industry (IS).

They showed how you don’t necessarily need to have MBAs or special qualifications but you do need to be able to run a company. “The administrative tasks aren’t so difficult,” says Ólafur - “but what is difficult, is creating the business model that makes people want it and to pay for it.”

“Which you need a business mindset for,” added Helga.

The panel also looked at how to build up your customer fanbase – the people who are going to pay for your products.

The Music Publishing workshop looked at how to harness the potential of  music rights and featured Gemma Dempsey, Music Supervisor (US/UK), Johan Ekelund, Kobalt Music Publishing (SWE), Ólafur Arnalds, Composer (IS) and moderated by Gudrun Björk Bjarnadottir, General Manager, STEF (IS).

The conversation turned around publishing – with Ólafur Arnalds admitting that “when I signed my first publishing deal, I didn’t know what I was signing”, though he now understand it and is very happy with his publishing deal – as well as the process of collecting music royalties and the issues with getting music into films.

Tracey Moberly’s Art & Design Workshop was based more on actual collaboration – a big part of her work in general. Each workshop participant received a brief on a new project called Family, to be shown at a forthcoming show at Tate Britain in London as part of the Great British Art Debate, which explores themes of identity.

Participants had been invited in advance to bring with them existing digital images of themselves and their families (for example they could take a photo on their camera phone of an old family photo) and also to download the application Instagram onto their phones, and Tracey showed a multitude of other examples she’d received.