Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir & Dagfinn Bach: The Nordic Playlist

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A familiar face to those attending previous YAIC’s, Anna is currently programme director of NOMEX (Nordic Music Export) – an initiative that aims to strengthen the pan-Nordic music market, as well as establishing a Nordic brand internationally.

The service will partner with streaming platforms such as Spotify, WIMP and Deezer, as well as BACH Technology’s MusicDNA that will allow monitoring of real time data from thousands of sources. Anna and Dagfinn will explain the importance of this project, and how the playlist model could be adopted by other creative sectors.

Anna described the challenge of trying to make a Nordic playlist based on chart mentality – one that showed the top songs in the Nordic region (and the broader Nordic region like the Faroes and Greenland). But there were too many obstacles, it was discovered, and people couldn’t understand the rules. After going back to the drawing board – and came up with The Nordic Playlist – a soon-to-be-launched digital platform to promote the best new music from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

On the new project, playlists are curated each week by a different tastemakers from around the world. There is also a Nordic Top 10 box which will be published each week as well as new DJ mixes and an Up and Coming section that allows lesser-known acts can be presented.

Dagfinn Bach, President, BACH Technology AS, then talked about how they would work behind the scenes. He described how MUSIC DNA captures audio and classifies it and then analyses it via bringing all the data together with visualisation techniques. The project will be launched soon at