We’re talking karaoke, but instead of singing – we’re all going to dance! As one big group. Facing the big projection in front of us, we dance the moves that we see.

Alexander Roberts and Ásrún Magnúsdóttir have been working predominantly with dancing and choreography in an expanded sense. Mixing live-art, performance, dancing, choreography and music.

Ásrún is interested in working with people that have not thought so much about dance or dancing and trying to make invisible choreographies visible. Alexander is an artist, curator and the co-director of Reykjavík Dance Festival. He is interested in bodies, in the idea that aesthetic movements can also be political movements. Alexander works predominantly as a curator and as a producer of live-art.

Come take part on November 3rd @ Bíó Paradís, some time between 17 and 18:00!