Presentation: Champagne Valentine

Next to take the floor were the visionary Anita Fontaine and Geoffrey Lillemon, owners and founders of Champagne Valentine, who make art for brands. Champagne Valentine have transformed the art and advertising cosmos with their expressive and provocative creations. They shapeshift between commercial, fashion, music and interactive realms while remaining attuned to ethical and contemporary art trends. “Our emphasis,” explained Lillemon, “is on interactive experiences with an emotional, human, romantic touch.”

Champagne Valentine (photo by Arnar Bergmann)

Their talk, ‘Feel ones and zeros’, incorporated clips of stunning visuals and atmospheric installation pieces, and presented us with the concept of ‘feeling’ technology, engaging with it on a sensual, romantic level.

They explained their focus on convincing brands to take a chance on a more sensory, interactive technological experience when it comes to advertising, while simultaneously attracting consumers with their off the wall approach and hypnotic visuals which never feel as if the product is being ‘rammed down their throat.’

“We’re trying to engage brands in the creative experience,” said Lillemon. And for the consumer? “It doesn’t feel so branded”.

They screened their short film Storytellers and Liars, packed with soundbites such as “lies are just hopes dressed up”, “I can’t unhear your stories”, and Paradisis, a surreal film about the death of Cleopatra, made using the slit-scan technique.

The soundtrack of another short clip they played also incorporated binaural beats which can induce a state of mild sedation. They also screened the video to Placebo’s ‘Never-ending Why’, an interactive video which proves that a music promo doesn’t have to be merely eye-candy.

So, ultimately, what is Champagne Valentine’s aim? “We like to hold hands with everyone and it’s our aim to create experiences that benefit and enrich humanity through fantasy, provocation.” Punk isn’t dead, neither is romance – and Champagne Valentine appear to have married the two with intriguing results and interesting implications.