Presentation: Johan Uhle (GER) Music Hack Day Reykjavik

An upbeat presentation from Johan Uhle looked at the attractions of Music Hack Day, an international series of events, where programmers, designers and artists come together to prototype new software, hardware or instruments within 24 hours.

The event started was in London in 2009 and since then has travelled the world, with its first stop in Reykjavík recently (October 27-28th 2012), supported by the likes of Spotify and Soundcloud. The events are sponsored, free for attendees, and all rights are retained by the hackers.

He explained how MHD hosts workshops where people give presentations about various platforms that can spark ideas. Everyone helps each other, and it’s exciting to have 100 people in a room all building something. “If you have a problem, there’s always someone that can help.”

Johan talked about the beneficial aspects of MHD – learning, building, socialising. For him personally, the creation is “the biggest feeling of happiness…better than chocolate”. He talked about how fast inspiration cycles in technology are these days, and how in 2007 it would have taken a weekend to build a website, it can now be done in under an hour.
Building a global community is a big reason for hosting these events, but one of the biggest benefits on a creative level is “fast creation” – using trial and error to build better things and applying those to everyday businesses and practices.