Presentation: Mads Høbye (DK) – Collaborating through digital sketching in a creative community

Mads Høbye is part of a project called Illutron, a community of creative people who have taken over a 50-year-old barge on Copenhagen’s south harbour and used it to build large-scale interactive installations.

Mads described how the project’s members are a chaotic mix of artists, designers, performers, programmers, electricians, musicians and electronics wizards.

The group started with two primary values: to create a community around the creative artistic usage of technology, and to build an open platform where individuals could explore their own curiosity.

Although there are no rules to the organisation, there are “values”, such as:-

  • The person who acts upon something decides on it
  • We pull together as a team
  • Everyone is an artist hence nobody is an artist

Projects range in size, from small to large, and so far have included designing colour-changing balloons for festivals, space rockets (by CPH Suborbitals) that can fly into space, and an underwater bath. There is zero funding but any of the projects that make money must put 10% back into the barge.

The advantages, says Mads, are that a “shared identity enables you to share ideas more openly; a value-driven organisation enables organic flow; and a space that has a focus on curiosity instead of purpose is much less limited as you don’t have to justify everything.”

Challenges include being dependent on the project forerunners, and involuntary exclusion through technical skills.