Presentation: Peter Dreyer (DK) on Ideation

Today’s opening presentation came from Peter Dreyer from Copenhagen. 207cm tall, a writer of Sci-Fi, entrepreneur and former astronomer, Peter talked about the concept of creativity in general making various essential points, such as “there is no creative class” and “alone we are not that special – but in a crowd we can be”.

Drawing on various examples of creativity in history, such as the Medici family in Florence, Peter points out that they weren’t necessarily a special creative class, more just given the opportunity to explore creative opportunities.

The main thing to think about in this crowd scenario, he says, is where one’s role can be – where can we best add something? This might not need special skills, but is nonetheless an essential part of the process, i.e. providing inspiration for ideas or helping to implement them.

Using more contemporary examples, such as Crisiscommons, an interdisciplinary crowd that helps provide solutions to crises, Peter makes the point that the idea of the creative class is being replaced by the crowd and it’s wisdom. Important things in this context include creating a “cross pollination of ideas”, which give the means of enriching the original ideas.

In order to lend more potential to the creative industry, it’s important to not just have the idea but implement it — and to experience the inevitable failures along the way. Going beyond this and supporting other industries in finding the right path to success is also key to keeping innovation on track.

Peter ended by describing his innovative FOKUSCOPE, a “Darwinistic way of creating solutions”. We will see later in the conference how registered YAIC participants can work together to find interesting solutions to all kinds of creative problems, large and small.