Presentation: Ralph Simon

One of YAIC’s most regular and charismatic speakers, Ralph Simon is the CEO of Mobilium Advisory Group and Chairman Emeritus and Founder of the Mobile Entertainment Forum. Ralph’s presentation was preceded by a short intro by Anna Hildur, who claimed him as ‘one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. He pushed me to go into the creative industries and not just have YAIC as a music conference.”

Today’s talk was specifically about how Icelandic creatives and creators can get some insights into what is just beyond the technology horizon. Bringing the room to life with his impassioned oration and seemingly endless arsenal of small jokes, he discussed how we will be seeing more in the way of ‘smart tools’, smart-pens, smart- cards that can multi-task and use data in interesting new ways, and
see the opportunities in the changes.

For example, sites such as  Turntable FM are focusing on how music fans’ tastes are broadening  thanks to the availability of music: “There’s no such thing as
genres any more — people like creating playlists and mash-ups.” “Media technology is shaping human civilisation,” he claimed. “We are all screenagers – it’s about working out ‘which screen is best for your work?’

An amazing 48.5 per cent of people said they were connected to the web from the moment they wake to the moment they go to sleep. Every 2 days we create as much information as we did up to 2003. “Soon we will be using zedobytes – a trillion gigabytes.” He showed us some incredible current and near-future inventions such as Augmented Reality, technology that allows us to dial telephone numbers with just our fingers (no phone) and  also praised Iceland’s creative, artistic drive and insists that now is a great time to be an Icelandic creator, winding up with the enduring local saying: “Icelanders never give up!”