You Are In Control Newsletter – 2011 – 3

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You Are In Control Newsletter – 2011 – 1

“Thanks to the YAIC team for a brilliant and inspiring couple of days. Icelandic music is now my new love affair. This little culture conference punches well above its weight with a high quality international line up and some of the best networking to be found at any conference globally. ”

Mark Muggeridge, Evil Genius Media

“The conference is an innovative dialogue between the creative and the technical needs of our new era in the music industry. We will present new ideas and tools, as  well as looking at what works from our traditional ways of doing business in the music sector. The empowerment of entrepreneurial creative people in our business full of new opportunities as well as challenges is inspiring and deserves special attention.

“Iceland is known for its cutting edge music and individualism. Rising from a population of a mere 300,000 people and total lack of major label structure, there isn‘t a better place to explore the new opportunities arising in this fast evolving music industry. Innovative and cutting edge, this conference focuses on the creative sources, puts the artist in the spotlight and asks how new tools, new partnerships and new markets can create opportunities for different markets – take local to global, and small to tall.”

Anna Hildur, Iceland Music Export