Workshop: How the digital changes the world of film distribution

Hosted by Tilman Scheel (DE) & The Icelandic Film Centre, this workshop examined how digital culture will shape the way cinemas select films in the future or how the internet changes the way films are distributed. As the founder of Europe’s first Cinema on Demand service “Europe’s Finest” and of “reelport”, Europe’s largest festival submission platform, Tilman has years of experience in all aspects of the, often bumpy, relationship between digital and film. And since all of his projects have profited from MEDIA support, some hints and tips on how to prepare for Brussels are given, too.

Also present in the workshop were Þór Tjörvi Þórsson (IS), Project Co-Ordinator at The Icelandic Film Centre, Stefanía Thors (IS), Co-founder / Owner of Icelandic Cinema Online, Ari Kristinsson (IS), Producer, Writer and Director

Many points were raised in the workshop, with some key points being that 1,400 to 1,500 films are produced in Europe annually, and the importance of providing customers with ways of filtering them (or filtering for them.

The discussion revolved at one point around how to make Icelandic cinema more visible, the expenses involved in “hidden” aspects of film distribution such as support (90% of costs in some cases), and led on to the future of VoD in general. “I am not sure where the future is,” admitted Scheel. “But maybe it is to try and be niche. I think Iceland is already niche, and in a very positive way. It is also important to market and promote well, otherwise nothing happens.”