The YAIC afternoon workshops featured a handpicked group of international and Icelandic creative industry people openly discussing a range of topics.

The “Creatives Connecting With Consumers workshop”, moderated by Haukur S. Magnússon, Editor of the Reykjavik Grapevine, covered many angles in terms of how to find and maintain connections with your fan base, with people like Christopher Peterka, founder of Gannaca, pointing out that old methods like meeting or calling people are still hugely valid despite the impression of online communication.

Keith Harris, Director of Performer Affairs for PPL UK and Stevie Wonder’s representative moderated the “Copyrighting Creative Content” workshop. The building of an ambitious copyright database was mooted, as was the contrastive value of crowd-sourcing for creativity. A murky and eternal industry topic at the best of times, as Harris noted — “we didn’t solve the copyright issue but we did have some good ideas”.

Peter Dreyer, Managing Director of Elevator2, moderated the “Innovation & The Internet” panel, which discussed turning the internet into a learning experience, how the next generation of Internet usage might look, and how to make sure creatives are finding an audience abroad, among other topics.

The group concluded that one of the online problems today is that you have to be both social and creative – yet without sacrificing one for the other.

“Ahead of the Game: Ethical Business is Smart Business”, moderated by Hulda Steingrímsdóttir, Environmental Consultant at Alta Consulting, looked at the key question of what the industry can do to make sure it’s being  ethical.

Threads of the discussion touched on companies needing to mostly be aware of what they should be doing – for themselves as well as business to business, and working towards a triple bottom line – economic, social and environmental – in order to develop accountability with a kind of code of conduct to encourage further transparency.