YAIC Day 1 [Music To My Ears & Eyes]

Music To My Ears & Eyes panel
Music To My Ears & Eyes panel

This panel, moderated by Ralph Simon, involved Alicen Schneider from NBO / Universal (US), lawyer Simon Long from Collins Long (UK), Hampus Kivimae from Sony/ATV (SE), Cinesong’s Milena Fessmann (DE) and Icelandic songwriter Mani Svavarsson.

Alicen pointed out that she doesn’t always get the music she loves and wants into films or TV, and how sometimes complicated rights issues can be off-putting even if it means. Simon Long, who represents A R Rahmen and his success with the movie Slumdog Millionaire and how films are a good way of making music AND getting paid – although many on the panel later admitted that music, despite being acknowledged as an important aspect of the film-making process, can often slip down the priority list in terms of budget etc.

Alicen also argued that artists or musicians offering their music for free is not necessarily good for the overall fight for bigger music budgets. She maintained that at least a basic payment, however small, should be the norm.

Mani Svavarsson, who admits to being the last person on earth to use Cubase, talked about how he created the music for Icelandic children’s TV show Lazytown, while Milena Fessmann discussed how the new Wim Wenders movie she is working on contains music created specifically for the movie, by the likes of Nick Cave and Bonnie Prince Billy – this makes the music more original and also avoids some of the headaches of clearing rights for music.

Moderator Ralph Simon expresses himself through the ancient art of  Magical Illusion.
Moderator Ralph Simon expresses himself through the ancient art of Magical Illusion.

Simon also raised points about the importance of the games world, which often have larger music budgets to work with, and also gaining insights from Bollywood, in the sense that the soundtracks are often released before the movie and used to propel its success, rather than the other way around as we do in the west.