YAIC Day 1: Serena Wilson [Nile On] on Groove Armada / Bacardi

Serena Wilson from London’s Nile-On PR company started her presentation with a story of how she started working in-house at various labels before starting her own company and promoting edgy electronic labels like Novamute, City Rockers and Warp, and acts like Throbbing Gristle, Aphex Twin and Ritchie Hawtin.

Serena Wilson from Nile-On
Serena Wilson from Nile-On

She then discussed how she was chosen by Domino to launch and promote the now famous Arctic Monkeys debut album, leading into her most recent groundbreaking campaign: a collaboration between Groove Armada and Bacardi – the drink company’s first worldwide promotion.

The online mechanism they came up with, www.bliveshare.com, harnessed the power of social network sites to distribute the band’s new EP. The idea was firmly based within social networking, as in you signed up and generated a personal profile etc.. The more you then shared a track, the more music you got.

Serena explained how she had to generate a broad spectrum of online coverage., engage the blogging community, increase brand awareness, find taste-makers, bring together around 20 different parties etc.

The campaign was hugely successful, with massive global coverage in Twitter, throughout the blogosphere, MySpace, Billboard, Music Week. The campaign earned its protagonists a Music Week award, helped discover a lot of information about new markets, improved engagement with Groove Armada and new fans and built content credibility.

As if that wasn’t cool and innovative enough, Bacardi kindly invited the whole auditorium for a drink tomorrow – when the conference is over of course. See you at the bar then…