YAIC Day 1: The Future Of Digital Distribution

This panel included Asa Carild from Nokia (Sweden), Elisabet Gretarsdottir from CCP (Iceland), Gerfried Stocker from Ars Electronica (Austria), film maker Cory McAbee (US) and Icelandic designer Katrin Olina Petursdottir.

Future Of Digital Distribution Panel
Future Of Digital Distribution Panel

The emphasis here was on the changing human, or physical, aspects within the ever-changing [and dominating] digital world. The inter-connectivity of the internet being wonderful but as Gerfried Stocker from Ars Electronica reminds us “we are all still atoms, from head to toe” and foresaw the artistic re-creation of physical locations that are now missing from people’s lives (record shops, museums, opera houses).

Cory McAbee praised the extra intimacy that comes with self-distribution, bridging the gap between your creation and its life in the world: “It’s good to embrace your products and enjoy them.”

Asa from Nokia pointed out that the world of digital music encourages people to explore more genres and makes it more immediate via streaming on the internet and mobile phones.

Gerfried envisioned a future filled with screens of every kind, for newspapers as well as films, and a corresponding call for literally avalanches of content. His question was how to control the quality of the content being made for these “surfaces”. Elisabet and Cory talked about shared experiences – using the internet to enlarge our sense of shared experience, with the ensuing paradox that we are increasingly alone yet increasingly connected.

The overall conclusion was that despite the proliferation of the digital era, our activities will retain a human shape. We will continue to consume in a tribal manner, though perhaps the thing we need to watch out for is – that famous watchword in the internet era – quality.