YAIC Day 2: Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson [Ministry Of Ideas]

Gudjun Mar from the grass-roots driven Ministry of Ideas kicked off Day 2 of YAIC by encouraging us to take a look at our lives and actions from a historical perspective, looking at how much we have changed our planet in recent times and then went on to explore the potential of the Free movement and Gift economies, specifically with regard to the creative industries.

Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson
Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson

One of the big questions was: is there any money on Planet Free? Gudjun pointed to profitable companies like Facebook, Skype, Google as well as non-profitable companies like Twitter. He then asked, can something similar happen in Iceland?

Well, he said – yes it can. He pointed out that Iceland has as many people as employees as General Electrics. He talked about the concept of Akido, the American vision of sending men to the moon – and viewed Iceland’s financial situation as being an opportunity to become a role model for other countries.

Why? Because it’s small and manageable; it has a sophisticated infrastructure; and a useful sense of urgency. The way forward will involve thinking big and working with innovative solutions to funding problems. So for example, his company have already begun the process of procuring 200 Billion ISK to put into innovative, grassroots business and developments.

The money will be raised via crowd-sourcing, and the most successful companies will be those with blended values: those with a sense of the social, financial and the environmental.

Ambitious and inspiring ideas for sure – but as the man said, if you’re gonna think, why not think big?