YAIC Day 2: Remi Harris [Association of Independent Music]

Remi Harris began her presentation by rewinding to 1999 and the beginning of the “digital dream” – and how labels and middle men at that time were scared of being cut out of the picture. She recalled how between 1999-2005 AIM were busy exploring, learning, experimenting with new technologies like streaming services, and dealing with how to turn the physical product into something digital.

By 2005 AIM had started London Connected, and were helping their members use the technology via workshops and conferences to everyone from publishers to record labels and online advertisers.

Remi Harris from AIM
Remi Harris from AIM

Remi’s advise to music businesses was manifold: think about who your target audience is, and where to find them on and offline – with special focus on the core audience; the importance of communicating and using feedback on the web to collect information and responses; being creative and original when promoting your music; not trying to do everything yourself, and trying to make use of your fans and supporters.

The final bit of advice was to move steadily-  learn to use the tools available, moving through them slowly.